Oncolytic virus therapy – New Success Formula In Cancer Treatment!

If you are visiting the homepage of our center,  then probably the cancer diagnosis has affected you personally, or someone that you love and you are looking for help.

Virotherapy is new, effective and safe cancer treatment method. In this therapy, there are used oncolytic viruses that have the ability to find and destroy cancer cells in the human body, without touching healthy cells. This is the main distinction of this treatment method in comparison to other cancer treatment therapies and medicines. The well-known chemotherapy along with the malignant cells also destroys the healthy cells of the body, leaving devastating consequences on the human body. Virotherapy, in turn, does not have such negative side effects on the human body, that is why it is safe for the patient without any side effects.

Viral medicine, which is the first genetically not modified viral medicine in its field, is available in Latvia. Prof. Aina Muceniece and the first Virotherapy laboratory in the world have developed this medicine, called Riga Virus, in the honor of the capital city of Latvia – Riga.

Let us tell you in short about the Oncolytic Virotherapy for the treatment of oncological diseases. Virotherapy is vital in the treatment of those tumors, which are not sensitive to radiotherapy or chemotherapy, for example, melanoma.


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